Youth Access to Alcohol

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In the Chandler Re-development Area (zip code 85225), alcohol-related problems tend to be more prevalent than in the rest of Maricopa County. For example, 29% of 10th graders from the 85225 reported being drunk or high at school in the past 12 months, as compared to only 20% for Maricopa County as a whole. For this reason, one of CCYSA’s primary objectives is to limit access to alcohol to youth in the 85225. Youth obtain alcohol in a variety of ways, but the following are the most common sources: 54% of 85225 youth who drink obtain alcohol at parties, 37% give someone else money to buy it for them, and 32% obtain it from someone under 21 giving it to them.

The Chandler Coalition on Youth Substance Abuse employs a variety of strategies to limit access to these sources of alcohol for Chandler youth. For example, CCYSA collaborates with the Chandler Police to undertake an initiative called “Party Patrol” that shuts down local parties where underage drinking is occurring. Be on the lookout for an upcoming blog post on Party Patrol to find out more about this strategy!

If you are a parent, there is a lot you can do to reduce youth access to alcohol as well. First of all, never provide or buy alcohol for a minor! Also, be aware that a major source of alcohol for Chandler youth is an older family member (23% of 85225 youth who drink said they obtained alcohol this way), so talk to your 21+ family members about not providing or buying alcohol for underage family. If you have alcohol at home, make sure you keep it in a secure, locked space. If you want to buy alcohol for a party, buy only what you need and only just before the event so it won’t be sitting in your house for long. Finally, if your child is going out, make sure you know where they are going, who will be supervising, and what they will be doing. It’s important to ask questions to ensure your child will be safe!

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