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February 27, 2013 – CCYSA: Chandler Coalition on Youth Substance Abuse

With the results from the 2012 Arizona Youth Survey, the Chandler Coalition on Youth Substance Abuse (CCYSA) was able to pin point the leading causes of youth alcohol access in the re-development area of Chandler, AZ (zip code 85225). While parties were the leading factor to underage alcohol access (54% of youth surveyed stated this as their primary method of receiving alcohol), youth are finding that if they simply ask for alcohol, the probability of receiving it is high. A staggering amount (37%) of children in the 85225 zip code admitted giving money to someone to buy them alcohol.

Youth are also obtaining alcohol closer to home. 23% of 85225 youth have asked for and received alcohol from a family member over the age of 21. Additionally, 21% of those who participated in the survey identified their parents as the ones providing them with alcohol.

In order to lower these numbers, CCYSA has joined with the local community and implemented
prevention programs. One of these programs is the local “Party Patrol”. Here, Chandler Police Department and Chandler citizens collaborate to shut down parties where underage drinking may be taking place. Police are then able to cite underage offenders and those who have given alcohol to minors. Another CCYSA program that has proven successful is “Shoulder Tapping.” Teen program members from local youth organization, ICAN, have teamed up with Chandler Police to ask local patrons to buy them alcohol outside of convenience stores. Adults who agree to purchase alcohol for the youth are then given educational flyers on the laws and consequences related to this offense. To promote a positive relationship with the local community, CCYSA also gives adults who refuse to buy alcohol for teens a “Thank you” card on behalf of those in the 85225 area.

To help prevent alcohol access to underage drinkers, Chandler citizens are encouraged to report suspicion of underage drinking to the non-emergency line of Chandler Police Department at (480) 782-4130. Talk to children about underage drinking and never supply alcohol to a minor.

CCYSA, 480-821-4207
Melissa Jimro (
The Chandler Coalition on Youth Substance Abuse (CCYSA)’s mission is to prevent youth substance abuse in the Chandler community.

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