Un-Waste Your Weekend!

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How do you spend your weekends?  For many teens, the answer to that simple question involves drugs or alcohol.  “Let’s get wasted,” is too common a phrase as teens plan their weekend.  So how can we rid our youth of the perception that the only way to have a good time, is to spend their weekend drinking and doing drugs?  Let’s find out how others are doing just that. The Chandler Coalition On Youth Substance Abuse  “Un-Waste your weekend” campaign is a simply brilliant way for parents, educators and community members to begin a discussion with teens about better, more healthy and productive ways they can spend weekend time.  What does it mean to be “Un-wasted” you might ask.  Instead of spending the weekend sitting around drinking alcohol or doing drugs, the “Un-Wasted” campaign encourages youth to get out, get active and get involved!  Learn more about the latest “Un-waste your weekend” challenge at  http://www.facebook.com/CCYSAChandler

CCYSA  is  asking Chandler Youth to submit their own video explaining how they spend their weekend “Un-Wasted.”  This is such an awesome way to get youth involved in the community. Not only will they get to post a sweet video highlighting their own interests and accomplishments, but they will also be able to think about why being active and having healthy interests are so important to growing into responsible, productive citizens!  Check out the Chandler Coalition on Youth Substance abuse Facebook page to see how you can participate!  As for me, I’m going to Un-Waste my weekend by trying to keep-up with my kids on a hike up South Mountain.  How will you “Un-Waste” yours?

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