Social Host Ordinances can make stopping underage drinking easier

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In Chandler and many other cities, parties are the primary place youth get alcohol. Currently though, laws made to prevent such parties are hard to enforce because it is often difficult to prove who provided the alcohol. This is why laws called “Social Host Ordinances” (SHOs) have become increasingly popular nationwide. SHOs hold the adult who hosted the underage drinking party on their property responsible, regardless of who provided the alcohol. This gives communities a practical tool for stopping underage drinking parties and preventing more from happening.

More than 150 U.S. cities or counties and 24 states have adopted social host ordinances. In February 2012, Tempe became the first city in the East Valley to pass a Social Host Ordinance. Like the SHO that CCYSA seeks for Chandler, a violator in Tempe is cited and fined, but is not charged with a criminal offense. First time offenders can even elect to take an educational class instead of paying the fine. This is because rather than a punishment, the SHO is meant to be a tool for deterring underage drinking and educating the public on of the damaging effects of allowing it to happen.

SHOs have been proven to effectively reduce underage drinking and its consequences. A nationwide analysis showed that SHOs were associated with reductions in heavy drinking and with drinking and driving. Another study found that SHOs reduced the drunk driving fatality rate among 18- to 20-year-olds by 9%.

CCYSA is working to get a SHO passed for Chandler. Please support our efforts as we reach out to our city council and mayor to get this ordinance passed. Get involved with CCYSA or vocalize your support to city council because our voices are stronger together! For more information on CCYSA and how to get involved, check out our website ( ), Like our Facebook page (, or send an email to




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