No on Prop 205 Campaign Slams New Pro-Marijuana Ad

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No on Prop 205 First Television Ad

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No on Prop 205 Campaign Slams New Pro-Marijuana Ad

PHOENIX (Sept 27) – The Yes on Prop 205 campaign released an ad today propagating the myth that the tax dollars collected on marijuana sales will significantly benefit education funding.

The No on Prop 205 campaign broke down the ad lie-by-lie for voters:

LIE #1:

Marijuana Youth Use has not increased.


The study cited in this claim, Healthy Kids Colorado Survey, is severely flawed:

  1. It is not a statewide survey – ignoring four major counties in Colorado. By omitting these counties, they excluded cities like Colorado Springs, CO’s second largest city and closer in proximity to Denver than Tucson is to Phoenix.
  2. Likewise, upon closer look at the data, in cities where retail stores are more common, like Denver and Boulder, youth use did increase.

Read the survey here.

However, according to the September 2016 Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area report, since the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, youth use has risen to the number one spot in the country, 74 percent higher than the national average.

Read the report here.

LIE #2:

The tax dollars Prop 205 will bring the state will benefit Arizona schools greatly.


According to CBS Denver, Colorado schools were promised $40M dollars and only got a 1/3 of what they were promised – some school districts didn’t get anything. Read the CBS Denver story here. Learn about other Colorado school districts here.

Here in Arizona, they are promising millions of dollars to education, but even the Arizona Republic can see through the bunk. Read for yourself.

The fact of the matter is, the tax revenue set to be gained from Prop 205 is paltry compared to what is needed to fix our school systems, and to the detrimental impacts this policy will wreak in our schools and communities. Proponents of Prop 205 fail to take into account the increased cost to health care, road safety and youth should Prop 205 pass.

But did you see who is bankrolling Prop 205?

The Yes on Prop 205 camp has consistently brushed over the fact that their major source of funding comes from out of state, Washington DC lobbying groups who stand to line their pockets should Prop 205 pass. The first two organizations on their disclaimer are The Marijuana Policy Project and The Marijuana Policy Project Foundation – out of state marijuana special interests.

Bottom line:

The ad put forth by the Yes on Prop 205 campaign continues to spew lies and mislead Arizona voters that legal, recreational marijuana is a win for AZ kids and schools. They will stop at nothing to misconstrue the the facts, especially when it benefits them – and their wallets. Their tactic is to shove bad policy down Arizonans’ throats under the guise that it will benefit our kids and our schools. Experience tells us differently.

The No on Prop 205 campaign urges voters to do their research and understand the negative consequences that stand to occur should Prop 205 pass.

Arizona voters should not believe these lies.



About Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy
The Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy PAC was formed to actively oppose any initiative that would legalize the recreational use of the drug marijuana in the state of Arizona. Visit for more information.

Paid for by Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy in Opposition to Prop 205. Major funding by the Insys Therapeutics Inc, Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Empire Southwest LLC, and Pima Medical Institute.

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