Call for Action from a CCYSA Teen: Chandler, AZ Social Host Ordinance

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The following is a letter from CCYSA teen, Angelique, on getting involved to help get a Social Host Ordinance passed in the City of Chandler.

Living as a young adult in the year 2012 I’ve been in many situations, some bad and some good. Of course every teen has their time in life when they must resist pressure from their peers to experiment with drugs and/or alcohol, and I am proud to say that I have abstained from drug and alcohol use.

I’ve seen others make poor choices, however.  Many teens in my community do not know the consequences of drinking that one glass or smoking that one drug, or they do not believe that it could happen to them.  They “live in the moment”, not realizing that the one moment they “lived” could change their entire life.

It seems that teens can always find alcohol, and sometimes drugs, at a weekend party at someone’s house.  What is most surprising, however, is that much of the alcohol at these parties is provided to the teens by an older family member, often a parent.

It’s sad that teens believe that in order for them to have fun they must rely on a substance, but what is worse is that their parents think it is okay to provide it to them.  I’m asking for your support as I work to change the beliefs of the people in my community.  With the Chandler Coalition on Youth Substance Abuse, I am working to get a Social Host Ordinance passed in Chandler.  This ordinance will provide police officers a way to break up teen parties where alcohol is being served and cite the homeowner for not taking steps to prevent the party. Please support our efforts as we reach out to our city council and mayor to get this ordinance passed. Get involved with CCYSA or vocalize your support to city council because our voices are strong and effective together! For more information about getting involved contact


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