The Issue

CCYSA focuses its work on the Chandler Redevelopment Area in the heart of the 85225 zip code, comprised of 62,426 documented residents. This four square mile area has higher risk factors than the rest of the city, county and state. As a matter of fact, the Arizona Department of Behavioral Health Services noted this target area as the fourth riskiest community for youth in all of Maricopa County.

Youth substance use persists as a serious community issue for CCYSA’s target area, as evidenced by data collected through ICAN’s 2015 Community Needs Assessment:

Of 10 youth who live in the downtown Chandler area, you can expect to find:

  • 7 living in extreme poverty, in household earning less than $25k per year for a family of four
  • 8 will be using drugs or alcohol to cope with the harsh realities of the streets
  • 4 will not graduate high school
  • 2 will be gang affiliated by the age of 12

Secondary data from the 2014 AZ Youth Survey show that youth from our target area are using drugs and alcohol at a younger age and higher or equal to rates than the county and state averages: 

  • 57% of youth in 85225 zip code report using alcohol during their lifetime
  • 45% for Maricopa County
  • 46% for AZ
  • 41% of youth in 85225 zip code report using marijuana during their lifetime
  • 26% for Maricopa County
  • 27% for AZ
  • 17% of youth in 85225 zip code report misusing prescription drugs during their lifetime
  • 13% for Maricopa County
  • 13% for AZ
  • 16%of youth in 85225 zip code report having been drunk or high at school
  • 13% of Maricopa County
  • 14% for AZ


What We Do Works 

Since the publication of the last Arizona Youth Survey in 2012, 85225 youth have not only raised the age of first time alcohol use and first time drug use, they are now above the Maricopa County and Arizona averages.

13.2 years old – average age 85225 zip code youth first use alcohol (12.7 average age in 2012) 

  • 13 years – Maricopa County average
  • 13 years – AZ average
  • 14 years old – average age 85225 zip code youth first use marijuana (13.2 average age in 2012)
  • 13.5 years – Maricopa County average
  • 13.7 years – AZ average

Guided in large part by ICAN’s annual Community Views Survey, CCYSA has made great progress in improving the Chandler community by reducing the negative behaviors of youth, parents and community members alike. CCYSA will continue to focus its efforts on the prevention of underage substance abuse because substance experimentation is not a rite of passage; it is a community health issue that deteriorates the future of tomorrow.

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